About CLS

Cotton Legal Solutions was formed in 2014 as an answer to a much needed demand for neutral and collaborative services.

As a Litigator and DRPA trained mediator since 1997, Debbie has met the needs of hundreds of clients. Since 2014, she has solely performed mediation and arbitration services seeing the need for a collaborative, low-cost way to provide services to her community. In addition she volunteers her time at the Orange County Superior Courts and with the Orange County Bar Association, being assigned to the most difficult, highly charged cases.

Debbie’s primary litigation experience is in the area of family law. She is versed on all areas of Family Law, including Dissolution of Marriage, Child Support/Spousal Support, Custody/Visitation, Division of Community Property and more. 

Debbie has been trained and is listed on the Court panel as an Eldercaring Coordinator, Elder Mediator and assists in other Elder issues.  Dealing with issues such as Conservatorships, Debbie is sensitive in navigating through the family dynamics that go with such changes.

Debbie served her community sitting on her local school board for 12 years and served on the District Advisory Committees for Special Education, Gate, Finance and much more.  This makes Debbie uniquely qualified to help you with your Special Education Mediations, keeping focus on the needs of the child.

As a natural fit to the emotionally charged areas, Debbie has also been successful in mediating neighbor disputes, HOA issues, small claims, unlawful detainers and other difficult issues.