Families Matter

Mediation is the use of a third party that has the knowledge and experience to provide the communication tools frequently lost in a conflict. We will act as neutrals all the time – we do not “represent” either party.  In Mediation, you help decide the outcome of your case, more efficiently and at a lower cost than litigation. While respecting all viewpoints we will help you reach a settlement that is fair and confidential. Often times if you talk with a Mediator before filing a lawsuit you can resolve the issues without the need of Court intervention.    

Special Education

As a former School Board Member and a Parent, Debbie is uniquely qualified to mediate special education issues.

Families can be with a School District for 13 years (or even more). It is hard on children when those years are contentious between the School and their Parents. Let us help you resolve those issues even before there is a filing with OAH.

Keeping focus on the student is paramount in this process.

Family Law

Debbie has been a Family Law Litigator/Mediator since 1997. She is prepared to handle all the conflicts that arise throughout the Mediation process.

Working with self represented litigants as well as those who have representation, Debbie is great and helping Families transition into their new lives.

Keeping focus on the kids and long term planning is key in resolving issues in Family Law.

Elder Issues

Debbie is one of the first to be trained as an Eldercaring Coordinator. Debbie is listed on the Court panel for Eldercaring and Elder Mediation. Debbie is also a volunteer at Court weekly handling Elder Restraining Order cases.

The high conflict nature of Elder mediation is Debbie’s specialty. Families are in conflict and often need help to navigate through the hard times.

Keeping focus on the Family and Elder are an important balance when dealing with these sensitive issues.